Elon Musk slams Apple over App store charges

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has slammed Apple’s controversial practice of charging commissions for iPhone app makers. He showed his support for games app maker, Epic Games, who challenged Apple over the removal of its app.

"Apple app store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet. Epic is right," the SpaceX founder said Friday.

According to a report in Mint, Apple is battling a case filed last year by Epic Games that alleged that the tech giant had abused its dominance in the market for mobile apps.

Epic broke Apple's rules by introducing its own in-app payment system in Fortnite, thus bypassing commissions.

While Musk is a fan of Apple, he feels that the company is clearly overcharging when it comes to its App store products.

"They are just obviously overcharging with App Store. I mean 30% fees for doing almost zero incremental work is completely unreasonable," Musk tweeted.

"Epic wouldn’t bother processing their own payments if App Store fees were fair," he added.